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Paola Diaz-Reynoso

Paola Diaz-Reynoso, Staff Reporter

Paola Diaz-Reynoso is a student you may have heard of. She’s the dependable friend in her group, and can usually be found tapping away at her phone, the display more than likely showing some form of Snapchat. If this isn’t the case then Diaz-Reynoso can be found reading horror novels “about death and stuff,” or writing whatever she happens to feel.

This love for writing is why Diaz-Reynoso chose to take Journalism in the first place. The future surgeon believes that she can use the skills she will learn within Journalism in the craft she wants to pursue, as surgeons spend long lengths of time writing. 

Purple is Diaz-Reynoso’s favorite color, the color of nobility. This is reflected in her hope of a picturesque world where ignorant people do not exist.

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Paola Diaz-Reynoso