Is Adjusting to Change Easy?


Mrs. Thurston and Ms. Reynoso

Paola Diaz-Reynoso , News Reporter

Ever wonder what it’s like to have to adjust to a new country? LDHS has had many students recently enroll from different countries. They have left behind the lives they knew for a life in the United States. Many of these new students do not speak english.

Our ESOL teacher, Laurie Thurston and her assistant, Estefany Reynoso, are continually helping students adjust to the English language. They have said that is incredible seeing students become more independent with the language than they were when they got here. Technology and the teachers’ ability to understand and speak Spanish has been a key element in being able to teach them. There are also limiting factors such as time and having to help a bit in every subject. One of the things both Thurston and Reynoso enjoy about their class is that they can get to know each student and build a bond throughout the time they are in the class.

¨Every day is different, and student needs should be put first,¨ Thurston said. As a result, every student starts on a different learning level, based on what he or she knows. The process starts when the students take a test to determine at what level they are on. The test has a reading, writing, speaking, and hearing portion and each one gives and ending score. Once they have the score, they know where to start the teaching process.

Each student has had a different experience when coming to our country, since they all come from different places. However 17-year-old junior Eddie Josue Murillo Velasquez from Honduras and 15-year-old freshman Rigoberto Lopez de Leon from Guatemala came to our country for similar reasons: to get a better education and accomplish their goals. It is very difficult to come to a country and not know anyone or anything about it. They left behind family and friends, just to be able to progress in life. Both Eddi and Rigoberto have found the transition difficult but have been able to be guided through it with the help of the ESOL staff.

The students have had the opportunity to be able to grow in life and they are willing to work for it. They might need some help along the way, but they are not afraid to ask for guidance from their teachers.