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Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters, Staff Reporter

Senior Natalie Winters finds enjoyment in taking pictures of the real world and joined journalism with her hopes to further her talents. She plans to become either a nurse practitioner or full veterinarian. The stress between picking a major probably comes from the love for her many exotic pets and all animals, compared to the college accessibility, multiple job levels and higher pay. Within her last year of high school, she plans to accept herself more and figure out which major is really for her. 

After high school not everyone sticks around this small town, and Winters says, “I might stay around for a li’l bit, but I want to move to the mountains somewhere in a decent-sized house surrounded by woods and animals.” She doesn’t have a specific car she’d head-over-heels love to drive, but a Camaro is her type, and if she had the chance, she’d leave her dream house in the mountains to visit Japan. 

Winters likes any Japanese restaurant because, “I really like sushi.” She also believes in the supernatural and believes that anything is possible. 

If money wasn’t such a huge factor in life and she could do or pursue any dream, Winters would most definitely be a vet, buy a big house with the biggest property and have as many animals as she could “as well as food,” she says, laughing. She’d also enjoy her hobbies of photography and writing a lot more without worrying about having to make a living off of them.

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Natalie Winters