Counting the days of Quarantine


tightly curled with a splash of hazelnut brown where two colored streaks stood out at the beginning of a curl. Photo shot by: Ke´Isha Grant

Andrea Choice, Staff Reporter

My senior year in high school took a left turn within the blink of an eye. It was a normal week in school, close to the end of the month, so we had a half day and no school that Friday. That Saturday we had a track meet up in Greenville. It was a normal meet day, but everyone was complaining about the weather and how we´d possibly go on ¨quarantine.¨ I didn’t really have any clue on what that meant or give it one thought, but soon the adversity we would come to know as COVID-19 reached its destination — South Carolina. Let me explain how it went. 

Once the quarantine started, the only thing that I was really worried about was school, but most of all, my senior season of track. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish out the season the way I thought of it before COVID-19 was even around. My worries became real when we were finally not allowed to attend school and even be on campus. 


We all may have said before, ¨Itś not about materialistic things in life,¨ but I’ll never agree to that again.  My first thought was… ¨What am I gonna wear for my birthday?¨ I started to freak out because on my birthday I´d be turning 18, and every female could practically relate. Along came the first of April — the day I was born. I put together an outfit nicely — a yellow dress and yellow high-heel shoes.  My hair was tightly curled with a splash of hazelnut brown where two colored streaks stood out at the beginning of a curl. You´ll never realize how important something is to you until it comes up, and once it does, you’d do anything for it to go as planned, no matter what you have or what you don’t. 

After my birthday, I started to worry about online assignments for each of my classes. I really gave up on it the first couple days because I’m more of a hands-on learner, and the online work got really frustrating. I started to get back into my assignments because I started stressing about how it could be used against me, and I couldn’t graduate. I started getting in touch with my teachers when I had the chance, and I started doing my work portion by portion. 


Along with the stress of being behind on my assignments, stomach pains that I had suffered from earlier in the semester came back, so for the past week or two I’ve been checking on my health. I finally got referred to a doctor I really needed to see and scheduled appointments that’ll help figure out what could be the cause of my pain. 


This whole quarantine has been weird, but it’s made me learn a lot about myself. I’ve found some hidden talents. I can braid hair (with extensions), and also my mom purchased me a makeup palette, and I’ve improved on doing makeup. I like the time I had to actually study and learn myself. With that being said, the quarantine stage was a pretty good experience for me. In spite of the way my senior track season and my 18th birthday didn’t turn out as I had planned, I beat the odds. My negatives became positives with every move I made.