How Corona is Affecting me.


Sabrina Brooks

Graduation, Covid-19 and Chinese

Sabrina Brooks , Opinion Editor

This was supposed to be my easy semester, but it seems like something always has to get in the way of my plans. I was doing great in all of my classes with the exception of Prob and Stats. I went on my FBLA trip in mid-March, placed third in the state for journalism and was ready to come back to school on Tuesday to brag about not getting first or second. 

Anyways, the rest of the semester was supposed to be a breeze, but ever since schools were shut down for COVID-19 and we were forced to stay at home, everything has gone downhill like my grades. Let’s just say learning  Prob and Stats and Chinese at home is not easy. 

 On top of that, teachers are getting a little too excited and giving us way too much work, and it can get a little overwhelming at times. Unlike many seniors, I still have four classes this semester and a part-time job that loves to have me work just about every single day. 

While it may have been tough at times, there are some good qualities about being stuck at home. For example my Prob and Stats teacher has been a little more lenient about the work he gives us, and he has been giving us free days to make up any work we may not have turned in yet. In Chinese, on the other hand, we have been getting pages of assignments along with tests and oral quizzes. Even though my classes are hard, they are not going to kill me. 

The main thing that I am upset about this semester is the fact that we didn’t have a senior prom. As well as a lot of other people, I was really looking forward to a senior prom. Even though I had gone to prom before in the tenth and eleventh grades, it was only to work and not to enjoy myself. With my being on the Prom committee for Student Council, I already knew that the prom would have looked great and been perfect in every aspect. My mom was really upset that I wouldn’t get to have that memory of getting ready and dressed up for prom, especially since I already bought my prom dress. 

I will miss all my clubs that I was in, especially the Student Council and the journalism class. I hate that my Student Council year was cut short, but I am truly blessed with all the new friends I made and all the people I helped. For journalism, I am glad that I have spent three years and four semesters in that class. Because of journalism and our amazing teacher Ms.George, I know what I truly want to be in life, and that is a broadcast journalist. 

Even though I will miss all my teachers and the clubs that I was a part of, I am very happy that the Class of 2020 in South Carolina will still get to experience a graduation — probably not the graduation we were expecting it to be — but now we don’t have to expect our diplomas in the mail. We will at least get to see our friends for the last time before we go off to our next phase in life.

 Even though it has been very difficult and, for some, emotional, I feel like this semester has been a great learning experience for a lot of people. We’ve learned never to take for granted school, our friendships and, most importantly, life because we never know when something as big as COVID-19 will affect us again.