My experience during the Coronavirus made me miss things I never thought I would


August Hughes

The image represents how I stay in connection with my friends during quarantine.

August Hughes, Staff Reporter

Currently, we are going through a rare world pandemic known as COVID-19. This world-wide disease has not only affected me personally but also has an impact on those around me.

The coronavirus is affecting me in different ways. Schools are closed down, so I’m having to do online school, which has been hard for me because this is my harder semester. I’m having to teach myself math, and Spanish has been very difficult. I have to stay motivated so I will not get behind. 

It’s affected my family because my dad has health issues, so he is having to do a lot of work from home, avoiding exposure to the virus. I’m not able to see my mom as much due to these conditions.

I have gotten to spend some time with my neighbors. They are my age, and we have spent our time laying out at the pool, going to the creek and riding four-wheelers. 

I’ve also gotten to spend more time working on myself. I have been going on runs every day, and I do a lot of cleaning. I have cleaned out my closet and around the house. I’ve been trying to go on runs every day.

One other thing I’ve struggled with is not being able to go out as much. I’m a very outgoing person, and I don’t like to sit still. I miss being able to go out every time I’m bored or hungry and just being able to drive around. I haven’t seen my friends from school as much, and it’s been hard. 

I would say that I miss school. I never thought that would have come out of my mouth. I’m the type of person whose parents have to drag her out of bed. I’ve never really liked school, but I’ve realized I have taken it for granted. I miss the little things like having lunch with my friends, going to my favorite classes and seeing my teachers. I miss going to sporting events and cheering on the Raiders. I miss late night car rides with my friends, jamming to our favorite music on replay. Most of my friends are seniors this year, and it’s crazy to think that I had my last lunch with them, my last Friday night with them, and I didn’t even know it. One thing coronavirus has taught me is don’t take the little things for granted because they can be gone before you know it.