Josh Baskins: The Man, The Myth, The Legend


Lleyton Abell

Josh Baskins

While beer company Dos Equis claims to have “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” the truthful deservant of this title travels down the same halls as you and I. His name: Josh Baskins, and his claim to fame is surviving seven years in the Laurens County education system with Wolff Parkinson’s White Syndrome. While senior Baskins does many of the same activities as you and I, (participating in marching band, passing time with acquaintances, and playing video games) he also has secret superpowers unknown to most. 

As Baskins describes his condition, “I am basically Shazam. I have extra electricity in my heart and can shock and awe more than usual people.” Baskins has an exceptional ability to rub his feet on a carpet and shock someone at an unusually-high level. He plans to do shockingly well as a chiropractor after going to USC-Columbia next year. He plans to use his 2014 Ford Focus to travel northward after his stint in college, yet still keep in close contact with his family through everything.