Getting to know Senior Jade Lukaszczyk


Jade Lukaszczyk

August Hughes, Staff Reporter

Senior Jade Lukaszczyk is not as excited as most about leaving LDHS. She, in all reality, does not want to have to start facing reality. Lukaszczyk hopes to become a dental hygienist and would love to study at Greenville Tech. In her free time, she works with the camera. Lukaszczyk enjoys taking pictures of nature and also draws.

In addition to these amazing skills, Lukaszczyk is also a very caring person, as many will say. Her biggest fear is “Seeing people that I care about not being happy.” Lukaszczyk’s personality is a thing that is very hard to find nowadays because she puts others first. Lukaszczyk’s favorite food is ravioli Chef Boyardee. Lukaszczyk’s favorite brand is Vans because the company makes very comfortable shoes.