Artistic potential grows in digital art for Buie’s students

“Fribbit” by sophomore Homero Vergara

Sarah Collins, Staff Reporter

A number of burgeoning graphic designers are at LDHS, but sophomore Homero Vergara is the only one who has skipped two of digital art teacher William Buie’s courses. Buie recognizes a student’s potential “by their navigation through the application that we’re using.” Apparently, Vergara’s potential was greater than that of his fellow classmates in Digital Art 2. Other students have skipped a class before, but never to Digital Art 4. Vergara could be the start of a new trend.

Surprisingly, Vergara has only been working with PhotoShop for a year and a half. However, there is no true answer as to why he loves graphic design so much.

“I just like drawing,” he said.

Still, Vergara is aware of the difficulty that comes with skipping two classes.

“Probably, the most difficult thing about Digital Art 4 has to be Adobe Illustrator. I have yet to learn how to use that program,” he said.

Regardless, Vergara wishes to become a storyboard artist. Digital Art 4 will prepare him for college. If Vergara excels in the advanced course, his career as a storyboard artist should fall into place.

Vergara isn’t done with graphic design, though. According to Buie, “He’ll take Digital Art 4, then go back to Digital Art 3.” In this way, Vergara will be able to take another graphic design course as a junior. Buie will continue to give him advanced work.