Greenhouse Effect


Sabrina Brooks

The beautiful plants of the LDHS Greenhouse.

Sabrina Brooks , Staff Reporter


  According to horticulture teacher Kyle Penland, flower and vegetable sales have ended. Prices for plants at the greenhouse ranged from 50 cents to $30. The price usually depended  on the size and type of plant customers wanted. Some of the different types of plants and vegetables the horticulture students grow in the greenhouse are tomatoes, jalapenos, ferns and rosemary. Horticulture students  watered every day depending on weather and temperature. Some very important  students who helped out with the process of taking care of these plants and vegetables were juniors Zach Garretson and Blake Finley, and senior Marly Malone.

Penland also says that next year he would love to start hydroponics so that he can start growing lettuce and other greens for schools in our district. Hydroponics helps plants grow in sand, gravel or water, but it has the same nutrients as soil does. Hydroponics is an easier, more efficient way to grow vegetables without having to dig holes or worry about forgetting to water the plants. Students should check back next year to see what going on down at the greenhouse.