Senior Column


Sharon Soto

Susey Cruz

Susey Cruz, Staff Reporter

As a senior I am finally at the end of my four years. I have a few days until I walk the stage June 1 and finally say “I Made It.” Time in school goes by so fast-next thing you know it’s another year gone, so you need to appreciate every moment in life no matter what it is.

My four years at Laurens High have not been all flowers and roses. I have had ups and downs, but it’s okay because not everything is going to be perfect. Your mind plays a big role in your life. Perhaps if you decide to wake up one day and have a positive attitude, your day will go great, but if not, then it won’t be a good day.

School can bring you down. Sometimes your grades might go low, teachers might not be the nicest, It will cause you to be stressed, but at the end it’s all going to matter because it’s to make you better.

Another thing I realized in my high school journey is that the people you walk in with and you’re always around will not necessarily be there for you forever. I learned that everything you do in life has to be done for you and not for others. Also If you want to try something out in school, go for it. Don’t let anyone’s opinion stop you, Just because your “friends” don’t do it, it doesn’t mean you can’t. Maybe that one thing is something that you’re going to like and enjoy doing every day. At the end of the day the only person that’s going to matter in your life is you.

My experiences as a student at LDHS High School were moments I will never forget: the pep rallies, FCA, football games,Ladies club, sitting in class every day,joking with my teachers and friends, even walking the halls. Everything will be moments that I’m glad I  was able to experience and for which i am forever grateful, but my favorite part of it all and what I will most definitely miss will be playing soccer for Laurens. Late night games, team vibes, reunions and practicing were just the best things ever. I am glad to say I was able to play on the team for three years and be a captain my senior year.

My life in high school was one to remember. This will be one of the most important memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Class of 2018, we made it !