Senior column


Rakeem Franklin

Josh Greene

Josh Greene, Staff Reporter

Most of what I learned from high school that  I can take with me through life were things that weren’t taught directly in the classroom. I learned a lot through experiences with my peers that taught me the way people are and how people change over time.


Of all the notes, tests, quizzes and worksheets, none of that stuck with me. None of that is more valuable than the life lessons I learned by being around my peers and  being on the basketball team for four years. As i’ve gotten closer to my senior year and to the “real world” I’ve realized that the high school system we live in only makes us  prepared for life in college and very unprepared for life outside of any school.


My senior year has been by far my hardest year because I allowed myself to fall behind with my grades, and trying to pull them back up and prepare for graduation has been a real challenge.  Even though I regret falling behind, it has taught me that nothing in life will be handed to me. I already knew the reality of this because of the way my mother raised me, but Ive never truly understood the reality of it until now, and  I appreciate my downfalls through high school because they will allow me to triumph in the next stages of my life.