Senior 2018 Janavia


Patrice Harp

Janavia Thompson

Janavia Thompson, Staff Reporter

 When I first came to LDHS, I wasn’t nervous because all my family really was here,  so I had nothing to worry about. My 12th grade year, I think was the best year of all years that I have been here because when I first got here i used to be so horrible. Freshman year was my awful year, I did nothing but get in trouble all the time I got into a fight. Since i have been here I have really enjoyed high school. It’s fun and you get to experience a lot of things like what the teachers like and what kinds of classes the school offers. High school is a lot better than middle school you have a lot more freedom around here such as ilunch 55 minutes, break in between classes.You get into classes to make sure what you want to do in your future even if is it’s not exactly what you want,Guidance will put you in something just like it. LDHS teachers will try their best to send you to the college you want,long as you try, they will try their best.