Letters To The Editor

Angelina Pascual , Reporter

Robert John


For the 2017-2018 school year, we were introduced to iLunch. I give praise to it because it had benefited a lot of students on this campus. With the tutoring, time for clubs, and just more time to eat has been a very great advantage. My only concern with the new rules is the vending machines. The problem is why are they only open during lunch time. I am aware that it is food and should only be consumed during lunch but the fact that it’s one of the only times, I don’t agree with it. Another concern I have is the lack of items in the vending machines; because we downsized on them. We used to have over 3 or 4 on each side now it’s all on one side. Also, the snacks in the machines usually run out (because of popularity) but it barely gets restocked. And there isn’t much variety, each food machine has the same thing. Overall, iLunch is great, the food in the vending machines is great, but the limitation of it is not. Also the price was raised in the snacks in the machines? My question is why? I mean it would be more fair if it stayed back to 60 cents or at least have the drinks back at $1.25 and not $1.50.