Letters To The Editor

Angelina Pascual, Reporter

Dear Editor,


I am a fellow FCA Officer. Every Thursday we have FCA in the mornings, in the Auxiliary gym at 7:30 with message starting at 7:45. Yes we think about our students and we do have biscuits and drinks for them to get but it’s not about that. There are a lot of people who come just to get a biscuit which is wrong. Me personally want people to come for the message, to hear about Jesus and how He is our savior. I want people to understand how much Jesus means to people. How we need to come to realization that he is our only savior. I want people to care and do better. To make this world a better place starting with us, because it has become something so terrible. So many things have changed from back then to where we are now. People need to start making a bigger stand, even though it is very hard to do that in what this world has become today. I want students to leave FCA each and every week coming to a realization more and more.