Letters To The Editor

Angelina Pascual, Reporter

I would like to discuss the benefits of this year’s iLunch. What an amazing idea this particular change is. I personally believe this school has made so much progress within the school beginning with iLunch.


Subtracting the hectic 4 period lunch schedule has to be the smartest idea I’ve heard of yet. This creates so much time for my peers and I to become apart of more extracurricular activities. I am now able to eat when and where I desire. The 50 minutes is such a perfect time frame to chat with friends, visit the library, take care of academic needs, and check out all of the school’s  exciting opportunities around campus.   


In addition, not only are the students enjoying iLunch but also the administrators and teachers are also taking full advantage. The administrators are making a huge amount of effort to get to know the students and create very tight bonds with every student. The teachers selfishness acts have been helpful to the students also. Most if not all are even leaving their classrooms available for hangouts, eating, and extra help with classwork.


To conclude, this was a significant adjustment to the school’s new schedule. I do very much appreciate the school’s effort in every way possible.