Letters To The Editor

Angelina Pascual, Reporter

Dear Editor,

  Hello! My name is Imani Hunt, and I am a sophomore at Laurens District High School (of course, you may know that). Although I’ve had a pretty ecstatic experience at this school, I do have a couple of concerns pertaining to sports, clubs, and organizations. First of all, I believe that a dance team should be included at Laurens, which compiles of styles such as hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, etc. There are several students at the school who have musicality abilities and technique that should be showcased. Not only that, but a plethora of high schools near the area have a dance team as well, including Mauldin High School and Hillcrest High School. I definitely believe that implementing a dance team will offer something new at the school, especially if different genres of dance were utilized. Next, I feel that more clubs should be created that can apply to more people, such as cooking club, designing club, debate club, and many others. That way, there would be a variety of selections that people can divert through. Lastly, I feel that more of the prestigious organizations at Laurens should receive more representation, such as FBLA, BETA, and HOSA. All of the students work very hard to up build their character, and I feel as if they should be recognized for their determination. If there was any way possible that my ambitions could occur, that would be absolutely amazing.