Kesha’s Rainbow Album: A Return to Life and Color

Keshas Rainbow Cover

Kesha’s Rainbow Cover

Kaitlyn McCort, Staff Reporter


Artist Kesha released her album Rainbow Aug. 11 after almost five years of silence. The album was already popular before its release because of sympathy for the 30-year old singer/songwriter as she struggled through legal battles with producer Dr. Luke and a personal struggle with an eating disorder.

Kesha’s song “Praying” gave hope to all as she poured her heart into telling her story through song. The song’s powerful lyrics are uplifting and strong, giving Kesha a triumphant return to the world of music after a long absence.

Rainbow is true to Kesha’s original style of music because of the bouncy melodies and fun vibes, like “TiK ToK”, but it also takes a more mature side as she composes serious songs, showcasing how she as a person grew and matured through her heartache. A few lines in the title track demonstrate these powerful lyrics as Kesha sings, “I used to live in the darkness/ dress in black, act so heartless, but now I see that colors are everything.” “Rainbow” is all about Kesha’s return to light, life and color. “But I’m falling right back in love with being alive/ dreaming in light, light, lights.”

The album is not just for those like Kesha who have gone through a traumatizing experience, but for anyone who has gone through trying times. The beauty of the album is how everyone can interpret each song in his or her own way.


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