iLunch provides more time, opportunities


Amy George

Picnic tables in the courtyard outside the Tech Building and in other locations on campus provide places for students like seniors Brianna Clark, Adrianna Franklin and Tyqwan Johnson to socialize and enjoy the sunshine.


The first iLunch ran smoothly Thursday as over 1600 students enjoyed one lunch period together for the first time in LDHS history.

Students could get food from several lines throughout the building and were free to eat in Commons, supervised outdoor areas and in classrooms including the NJROTC and band rooms.

For the first five days of the semester, students went to either the A or B lunch, depending upon where their second period classes were located.  Many did not know what to expect from the first day of iLunch on its normal schedule.

“I think it went well, honestly, because we had a lot more time and freedom, and that gets our energy out when it’s usually chaotic after class.  We just had a lot more time, and  I got to see some of my friends that I don’t normally see.  I got to enjoy my food instead of having to rush,” sophomore Kaylee Evett said.

Sophomore Beth Armstrong was worried that students’ confusion about where to go might lead to fights, but she believes that people will eventually settle into routines that work for them.

“It was a little chaotic because the lines were long at first.  Kids might start getting used to it and go into classes they need help in or go to see their teachers,” she said.

Next week, club meetings will begin, and Raiders will have the  opportunity to attend those events or to get extra help from their teachers, who will keep office hours in their rooms twice weekly during both halves of iLunch.