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Priscila Jauregui

Priscila Jauregui, Staff Reporter

Senior Priscilla Jauregui’s favorite things to do are watch The Office, play violin, and go shopping even though she says shes “always broke.” Her favorite character off The Office is Creed because she says “I don't think many people really like him or really think about him but I love him because he never talks but when he does its just crazy and hilarious.” Priscilla’s guilty pleasure is “probably listening to classical music because its just so relaxing.” she said her favorite composer is probably paganini who like her plays violin. This year is Priscilas first year in journalism even though shes wanted to take the class in the past her schedule never aloud. When asked why she wanted to be in the class she said its probably because of teacher miss george. Priscilla is an overall bright and fun person who is great to be around.

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Priscila Jauregui