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Brody King-Macengill

Brody King-Macengill, Staff Reporter

When you think of senior Brody King-Marcengill, music and art might pop into your head. Even if King-Marcengill likes art, like drawing something or maybe just admiring someone else’s work, he’ll always find himself going back to music "because of the feeling of change."

Music and art go hand in hand to him. He loves knowing that they mean different things to everyone. He loves learning about the artist of a painting or song since it helps him understand the piece better or understand what the artist was going through and relate to the art better. King-Marcengill happens to play more than one instrument.

King-Marcengill who fell in love with music, plays the guitar, and the bass and is learning to play the organ.

Because of the famous All about me exercises on the first day of school and the most asked question that everyone needs an answer to, his favorite color is “yellow”. King-Marcengill played sports when he was younger like wrestling, he found his identity and himself loving art and music more.

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Brody King-Macengill