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Lleyton Abell
Eighteen-year-old Lleyton Abell (yes, he's officially legal now) has been a part of Sword & Shield for all four of his years in high school and is still trying, and possibly failing, to make this year something special. While his favorite show is the not-yet-classic sitcom Friends, his favorite musical artist - and object of his undying devotion - is the one and only Ariana Grande-Butera.

When he isn’t worrying about leaving Laurens as quickly as humanly possible, he’s planning out his life after high school where he plans to attend either the University of Minnesota or South Carolina and graduate with a degree as an immigration lawyer. Abell’s dream to be a lawyer seems fitting based on his very welcoming personality, which he describes as “funny, interesting and entertaining.”

Once Abell finishes his college career, he plans on moving to our nation's capital in Washington DC, guest corresponding on CNN, holding professorial status as George Washington University and taking on cases of immigration no matter how difficult.


Lleyton Abell, Editor-in-Chief

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Lleyton Abell