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Kalee Salcedo
Sophomore Kalee Salcedo has enough talent to play several instruments, from the piano to the guitar, and all the way to the clarinet, without breaking a sweat. However, if you pop a balloon in her presence, all of this calm, collected nature falls away. 

To make up for being deathly afraid of balloons, Salcedo has many strengths when it comes to academics. She is very good when it comes to school and completing her coursework. She is exceptionally confident with her abilities on paper, but she describes public speaking as being her biggest weakness. This is the only time Salcedo sees herself as being introverted; otherwise she is notably friendly and bright. She shares these characteristics with that of her favorite color, yellow. 

Salcedo is heavily involved in the arts. Along with playing various instruments, she also enjoys photography. Her dreams are big as she plans to do photography professionally after she graduates. 

Three words she would use to describe herself are “talkative, extra, and diligent,” showing her self-assured confidence. 


Kalee Salcedo, Staff reporter

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Kalee Salcedo