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Justin Leggett
Senior Justin Leggett is a tech wiz at building computers! He also loves to put his hobby to the test as he is a member of our school’s Robotics team. This is his extracurricular activity outside of school. His favorite class is English because he loves learning the subject.


In his spare time, Justin likes watching TV and movies. He can sometimes be seen listening to music like classic, Eurobeat, and grunge. Justin does an awesome job with computers. He is able to build computers with the skills he has learned from school and robotics. 


Before the end of his senior year, Justin would like to learn more about himself. He plans to grow academically because he is always wanting to improve and learn more about the things he knows along with learning new things, especially with English and language. Journalism teacher Amy George, one of Justin’s favorites, has always allowed him to express himself and increase his motivation to learn.

Justin Leggett, Feature Editors

May 15, 2020
The bread and butter of quarantine (Story)
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Justin Leggett