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Changfeng Zou
       "The meaning of life is anime," as Changfeng Zou described himself. Zou has an unusual love for Japanese animation or, in another word, anime. Zou's love toward anime is obsessive and unusual for an 18-year-old male. Zou has watched over 900 series and 400 thousand minutes of anime. He enjoys watching any genre but his favorite types of anime are slice-of-life, romance, satire and isekai(another world). 

       When Zou is not watching anime he enjoys hanging out with friends and goes to random adventures. Zou has a bright personality. He is always smiling when you see him and he tries to make other people smile if they are down. 

          I asked Zou to give me a life quote, and this is what he said: “Life is meaningless." I asked why he said that, and his response was "The answer to everything is 42."

Changfeng Zou, Design Editor

May 10, 2020
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Changfeng Zou