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Changfeng Zou
         Have you ever met someone with a snake as a spirit animal? Well, I had not either until I met Changfeng Zou. Yeah, you read that right, a snake as a spirit animal. Zou is in three clubs in school, he is in Raider News, and Student Council, and he is hoping to join the Robotics team soon. Zou is a math genius. Zou plans on going to Clemson University for four years  after he graduates high school. Zou loves photography, but does not like to be in the photo. Zou believes his life is meaningful because of anime. He is proud of himself. He also considers himself an outsider in his group of friends.

          Zou has a bright personality. He is always smiling when you see him and he tries to make other people smile if they are down. 

          I asked Zou to give me a life quote, and this is what he said: “Life is meaningless." I asked why he said that, and his response was "The answer to everything is 42."

Changfeng Zou, Staff Reporter

Sep 18, 2019
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