Will Biology 101-102 make or break LDHS students?


Kyndal Jordan, Staff reporter

Students at LDHS are taking Biology 101-102 in a single semester this year. Students have mixed feelings about the amount of work and stress the class is putting on students. This has begun to raise the question of whether the high school has prepared its students for the college workload. Junior Abby Fulmer weighed in on this subject.

“I like not having class on Fridays and [the professor] coming during lunch to tutor us, but I don’t like how fast she goes and how much material is crammed in,” Fulmer said.

Many people are stressed with the amount of work, and lots of people do not know if the high school has fully prepared students for the amount of work in college.

“The high school has not prepared me for college classes because I did not realize when I started the college classes that I would be stressed nightly and not get taught sufficiently,” junior Lleyton Abell said.

This class will test many students’ averages and amount of free time. This class will be a test to see if college will be too hard for some students or whether it will be too much.