LDHS: Wavers Central

Travon Grant , Staff Reporter

Having waves is more of a art than a hairstyle. It takes time, patience and dedication. Waves have been a part of all forms of culture, from having different forums on the internet to even having a whole community on Youtube, to starting in the early 2000s with rappers like the honorable Sean Combs, a.k.a. Puff Daddy, and now resurfacing in the early stages of 2019.

With the students at LDHS now getting “wavy,” everyone believes he is indeed the waveist at LDHS. Current students took this in their own hands and decided to have a “wave check” — a check to see who really is the waviest. On Jan. 25, during B Lunch in the main gymnasium there was a wave check conducted by the students at LDHS. From the white to the black, even the brown, everyone was there. Attached I have videos from the wave check so you, the reader, can decide for yourself who is actually the waviest.  


Wave Check #1

Wave Check #2

Wave Check #3