People have a blast at Blastissimo

Seniors Jada Turner and Eliza Diamond pose for the camera after a successful Blastissimo.

Courtesy of Eliza Diamond

Seniors Jada Turner and Eliza Diamond pose for the camera after a successful Blastissimo.

Ty Young, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, Dec. 11,  the band held its annual Blastissimo concert in the Lecture Theatre at 7 p.m.. The band, of course, has its traditional spring concert of playing songs that people most likely have not heard of. However, the school´s band has a different winter concert that they host for the people: Blastissimo.

What separates this concert from the spring concert is first it is held in the first semester in winter at the end of marching band season before the band is separated into classes for the next semester. Overall, Blastissimo is unique because although it does feature our band as a whole, it also gives individuals in the band a chance to shine in other ways, in turn, giving the audience something different in terms of entertainment from the band. The concert is also used to give recognition the seniors in the band. Blastissimo usually has singing, choreographed dances from the colorguard and some soulful tunes from the jazz band.    

This year the concert held all of those features and more. The concert began with the band’s drumline putting on a show for the crowd right before the tribute video to the band and seniors played. The curtains rose back up after the video was over to show the band in its entirety on stage, and they started playing the music from this year´s show ¨Ritual.¨ They also played a Christmas tune to say happy holidays to the crowd. From there on, the night got better as the band had a feature including boomwhackers, which are tall and short colorful hollow sticks that produce a different sound when musicians hit them against something, usually the floor.

The night continued with two seperate dance routines put together by the color guard members themselves to songs by R. Kelly and KKay Rosa 21.

¨With no practice of logistics at all, what we accomplished was very impressive,¨ senior Eliza Diamond said. The concert also consisted of some wonderful singing, good piano playing and a delightful sound from a mini version of the jazz ensemble.

The highlights of the night were the band’s ¨Raider Winds¨ group and the band´s  full jazz ensemble. The winds group played and marched on stage to Michael Jackson’s ¨Smooth Criminal.¨ This amazing part of the show also consisted of a brief dance break that was done by senior Ty Young. After some well-played music, some smooth moves and a thrown hat, the crowd went crazy.

To finish the night and send the people home on a high note, the jazz ensemble came to the stage and lit the scene up with songs from ¨Pick Up the Pieces¨ to ¨Saving All My Love¨ by Whitney Houston. A variety of solos were provided by seniors Gage Addis, Cody Morrison and Corrine Jacobs and juniors Luke Lyons and Camron Cogsdill. The jazz group performed three songs in total, and all three songs earned an excited roar from the crowd.

As the band celebrated the success of the concert and this marching season, director Andy Entrekin acknowledged the seniors as he brought them on stage to join the rest of the band.

¨I felt like it was more interesting than last year,¨ sophomore Jessyca Irby said. It was safe to say that everybody involved and everybody who went enjoyed themselves and had a great time.