iLunch is not just free time


Amy George

Brianna Clark, Adrianna Franklin and Tyqwan Johnson, ’18 sit outside at iLunch.

Allison Roach, Staff Reporter

iLunch is a really good idea, but there are many flaws.  There just are not enough teachers to watch everywhere, and too many kids take advantage of the free time and do not go make up work like iLunch was intended for. iLunch is a really good concept, but it is just not possible for Laurens because of the lack of staff and how the school is laid out.

We have iLunch so kids who play sports or ride the bus and can not stay after school or get here early can come in and make up work and get their grades up. Unfortunately, kids are not using the time wisely. History teacher Meredith Liner says, “Only few kids go to do make-up work. They wander.” She says that she does not want iLunch to be taken away but that school leaders should figure out a way to make it work because it is helpful to those who use iLunch for its intended purpose.

Biology teacher Teena Sullivan thinks that iLunch is really good because she teaches mainly freshmen, and they cannot drive, so iLunch really helps so that their transportation does not get messed up.

“Unfortunately, there are many students that are taking advantage of the flexibility offered during iLunch [and not using it for academics],” she said.  iLunch is really helpful, and some kids use it to benefit their education, but as Sullivan says, “One bad apple spoils the bunch.”

Art teacher Daniel Sorrow strongly believes that iLunch should be taken away. He says, “It’s unfortunate for the good kids that use it wisely.” He says that there are not enough staff members to watch everywhere that needs to be watched. The administrators want a teacher to be watching every 10 feet, but there are not enough teachers, and there are just too many places that kids could wander to because Laurens is not laid out like a normal school. We do not have long hallways where teachers can see all the way down. We have Pods with corners, and it is harder to watch every foot of the school.

In conclusion, iLunch is a very good concept and a good idea on paper, but there are just too many kids who do not follow the rules and take advantage of the privilege. There just are not enough teachers to watch every foot and corner of the school. Although iLunch is helpful, students just do not take it seriously and take advantage of it.