Step Team is ready

Briajah Anderson, Staff Reporter

The Step Team is a very creative activity. We show up and show out. Everyone that is in the team works hard and gets everything packed down. The leader will push us through no matter what. This is the LDHS Step team. We are happy to become one and start where we left off last year.

Every Sunday we always practice. We have practices for 1 or 2 hours each Sunday to get everything right before we perform. We even perform on basketball game days whenever it is boys’ half time. It is so much fun because everyone is there and they get to see who we are. Most people don’t know us, but when we hit the stage, we let them know exactly who we are.

I’m hoping that we have different people join the team this year so we can show them how fun step team is and how step team is very important. 

The captain this year is NaSasha Shaw. We are excited to have a new captain. Being a captain is very hard, but we always push through and get confident. Especially when we dance and step in front of people. The team member who makes up the dances is senior Briajah Anderson. We basically do three steps, and then we dance afterwards. We also dance and step during Black History Month. 

If you want to view videos, please email coach Yoneko Allen or look for us on Instagram and Facebook.