Mind on the money — Your Executive Treasurer


Travon Grant, Staff Reporter

With the year almost over, and exams pushing everyone, Sword & Shield ends our features of Student Council members with senior Executive Treasurer Luke Willis, who is a 3-year Student Council member. A former sophomore Treasurer and junior Rally Rep.,Willis, who is completely over StuCo finances and expenses, is tasked with giving an accurate report of finances at every monthly meeting and recording all StuCo expenses.

Lately with there being an attitude around school that Student Council does not do anything for the students or the school itself, Willis  would like to get those people who hold that belief to change their minds.

“Tell them to take a look at what goes on at the school because because nine times out of 10 StuCo probably does it,” Willis said, giving examples of the the Winter Formal that StuCo plans, even Homecoming and the biggest event, Prom, which is the longest to plan and set up for.

Student Council has been going for a number of years, leaving different legacies of StuCo members here at the high school, and, being a senior, Willis plans to leave a legacy too.

“Leaving a legacy of hard work and commitment, knowing no matter the problem, we got the job done, leading by example for the younger StuCo members so they can have something to build on for the future” are among the impacts Willis hopes he and his fellow StuCo members will have on LDHS.

With the semester almost over the and 2019 almost here, goals have come and gone.  

“We had a shortcoming of some our commitment goals, but we’re getting ready for next semester, which should be easier for the upcoming months, and we should be ready for when things kick back up in the spring. For more insight about the Executive Council, check the Sword & Shield web page at www.ldhsswordandshield.com.