The History of Christmas

Brenda Bennett , Staff Reporter

Christmas is a time of joy for tons of people across the world, giving presents, sharing stories, showing love and even waiting for Santa Claus keeps people on their feet all of December. Dec. 25 means a lot to people, but how did this holiday come around? What was it like throughout history?

Romans held a different festival that ran for seven days starting on Dec. 17. The Romans would decorate their houses, give out presents and light candles. The mark of the Winter Solstice, when men and women, and servants and masters would trade roles, and twist rules.

To Christians, Christmas marks the day that Jesus Christ was born. Jesus was born to a woman named Mary, who became pregnant as a virgin. The birth took place in a stable.

Although Christmas celebrates Jesus’ birth, it was not celebrated until the fourth century AD, first recorded by Pope Julius I.

Medieval Christmas would last 12 days from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6t. The celebration was to show the time when Jesus was shown to the world. This celebration called the “Epiphany” was popular in the 1800’s, and still celebrated by few today. After this period of time not as many people celebrated Christmas.

Victorian Christmas brought about Dickens’  A Christmas Carol.,  based on this time era where Christmas was becoming big again. British and American citizens started to bring Christmas traditions back to life. Music, card giving, even Christmas trees started becoming popular.

Now people celebrate in their own ways.  People decorate with lights and put up Christmas trees; they wrap presents and play loud music. TV channels show Christmas movies that have the same happy endings, and stores start to sell presents.

Everyone is happy, trying to spread love and joy. Christmas is a holiday to spread cheer.