Henry Laurens Invitational Has Great Turnout

Ty Young, Staff Reporter

Last weekend on September 29th, the Raider Band held their annual Henry Laurens Invitational at K.C. Hanna Stadium. The event displayed the creative and memorable productions of other bands from around the state. There were 18 bands in total ranging in size from as few as 20 horn line members like Saluda High School to other bands two times bigger than the Raider Band like Dorman High School.

The many productions included many themes such as “Superhero” and “Wanderlust”, the first one being self explanatory and the second one dealing with the idea and concept of traveling and leaving but not forgetting home. There were other bands that also stood out and were a crowd favorite such as Ninety-Six High School and their show entitled “Money”.

At the end of the night and as an exhibition performance the Raider Band performed their show, “Ritual”. The band now has all their music on the field but they are still adding movement to the show. They did present more than they did the week before at Boiling Springs High School however. The performance was great and was well-received by the audience. The energy in the air was intense and lively and definitely a good time for not just the crowd but for the band members as well.