The Things We Know By Heart Review

Brenda Bennett, Staff Reporter

“Another wave crashes on the rocks far below, sending its salty mist swirling up and around us, blurring our pasts and the things we don’t want to think about. We linger there in the present moment and the possibilities it holds for a few more minutes, and then we collect our things and go back to our separate worlds.” Things We Know by Heart, p. 169.

In Jessi Kirby’s novel, Quinn Sullivan, has lost   her boyfriend, Trent, in an accident a year before. Quinn does not know how to go about life without Trent. They had been together for three years, and as a way to cope with the loss, she starts to look for people who received Trent’s organs.

All of the recipients had written back to Quinn and even met with Quinn, except for the person who received Trent’s heart. Quinn took this personally. She felt off about how no one had responded so she started her own investigation to find out who had the heart. Shelby, the heart recipient’s sister had a blog online, so  Quinn put together the pieces and went a few miles down the road to see what the recipient looked like herself.

When she saw Colton she was astonished, he looked different than the pictures, he looked alive, happy, she instantly felt a connection. After making a fool of herself, spilling coffee and wrecking her car right in front of him she agreed to let him take her to the hospital.

A hospital trip turned to kayaking every day of the week, picnics, and surfing.

Quinn felt herself getting better, slowly crawling out of her depressed state, the only thing holding the two of them back is there secrets. Quinn knows that Colton had a heart transplant, she knows that her dead boyfriend’s heart is in his chest, she just doesn’t know how to say it out loud. Colton knows that he has big limitations, times to take medication, and a huge scar down his chest but he can’t seem to let the words fall from his mouth.

The two make memories and fall in love but with the secrets between them will they be able to stick together or will the truth drag them so far away from each other that there is hatred between the two?

I completely recommend this book if readers want to read a love story, this book shows you what grief, pain, and happiness looks like.