Raider Band is Hosting the Henry Laurens Invitational


Ty Young, Staff Reporter

There’s fun going to other schools and competing on the field, but there are times when the band has to focus more on work and less than having fun in their activity. On Saturday, September 29th, the Raider Band will be hosting the Henry Laurens Invitational, an event where other bands from other schools can come and perform.

Members of the Raider Band and other clubs in LDHS will be there to help and make sure that the event is fluid and sticks to the schedule with jobs from escorting and showing the visiting bands around and where to warm up to working the concessions stand. The Raider band itself will also be performing but only as an exhibition.

This event is sponsored by Group Travel Network and Florida Indian River Groves and is presented by the Laurens District 55 Band Booster Club. The competition, like most, will include bands of all sizes and the Raider Band strongly encourages you to come out and enjoy the shows and creativity that will be displayed.