NFL week 3 picks

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NFL week 3 picks

Ross Sinclair, Staff Reporter/NFL and NCAA football analyst

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This is a list of the games happening this week in the NFL and my picks for who will win the games.

  1. Jets vs. Browns — my pick: Browns
  2. Giants Vs. Texans — my pick: Giants
  3. 49ers vs. Chiefs — my pick: Chiefs
  4. Colts vs. Eagles — my pick: Eagles
  5. Bengals vs. Panthers — my pick: Panthers
  6. Saints vs. Falcons — my pick: Saints
  7. Bears vs. Cardinals — My pick: Bears
  8. Patriots vs. Lions —  my pick: Patriots
  9. Bills vs. Vikings — my pick: Vikings
  10. Packers vs. Redskins — my pick: Packers
  11. Raiders vs. Dolphins — my pick: Raiders
  12. Titans vs. Jaguars — my pick: Jaguars
  13. Broncos vs. Ravens — my pick: Ravens
  14. Chargers vs. Rams — my pick: Rams
  15. Cowboys vs. Seahawks — my pick: Cowboys
  16. Steelers Vs. Buccaneers — my pick: Buccaneers
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