Orchestra strives to be better than last year

Orchestra strives to be better than last year

Ty Young, Staff Reporter

Orchestra this year is striving for a better year than last year as they rehearse and work towards their goals. Director of Orchestras Andrew Chavarria talked about his hope for orchestra this year to gain another superior, but with a higher score than before, displaying the desire to be better than before.

It is easy for someone to excel at something that he is passionate about. When asked about what he loved about his position, Chavarria explained how it  ¨doesn’t feel like work¨ and is ¨fun.¨

There are some downsides, though, that he mentioned while talking about the hardest parts of his job,  the boring parts, the ¨background¨ things.  ¨Finances, organizations of trips and fundraisers¨ are some examples of the things he has to do that he has labeled as ¨bookkeeping.¨

Towards the end of the interview, Chavarria wanted to make it clear and known that making music ¨takes time and dedication, especially to make it great.¨ It also requires ¨time and effort from students and teachers.¨

 In summary, art in general requires a lot.