Raider Band’s plans include Jacksonville, AL, contest, success

Ty Young, Staff Reporter

This year Raider Band is scheduled to make Raider history in October when they compete in what will perhaps be their biggest competition yet: Bands of America Regional, which will take place in Jacksonville, AL. The production this year is titled ¨Ritual,¨ showcasing the savageness of the ancient Mayan civilizations, their tribesmen and their many rituals.

Director of Bands Andy Entrekin loves ¨seeing students progress their abilities.¨ He also mentioned how he loves to see the band improve in their craft and the joy that comes with improvement. While there is fun and joy in the band, the band also has goals and things on which to focus. Entrekin went into detail about these goals, one being for the band to perform at Bands of America in Alabama. Another objective is to obtain a superior rating at the Upper State Championship, and the last goal is for the band to make it to its sixth consecutive championship at the 4A State Championship.

The Raider Band has a lot to be excited about this season. Entrekin believes his ¨students are the highest overachievers on campus,¨ and he talks about how he and his staff ask so much of the band, and the students either meet or exceed the expectations put on them.