Number nine Auburn at Number six Washington College football Week 1 reaction

Ross Sinclair, staff reporter/NFL and NCAA football analyst

One of the greatest upsets in college football history happened  Sept. 2, involving sixth ranked Washington hosting ninth ranked Auburn. The game featured so many amazing catches and drives. Auburn got off to an early lead and did not look back, upsetting the Huskies 21-16. This game had absolutely huge playoff implications, if Auburn had lost the game they would have only a nine percent chance to reach the college football playoff. Now Washington only has a nine percent chance of reaching the college football playoff now considering their strength of schedule according to and 24/7 The new college football playoff predictor gave us these odds, the odds are based on these five criteria.  

1. Strength of record —   how much the teams have accomplished,  Who the team beat what was their rank when they beat them and what rank the team they beat was.   

 2. Football Power Index–  how good the team actually is. 

3. Number of Losses–   the playoff committee puts extra emphasis on losses and who the losses were against 

4. Conference Championships– If a team wins its conference they are more likely to get in, Which is usually just power 5 conferences not others. The Power five conferences are– Atlantic coastal conference, Big 10 conference, South eastern conference, and the Pacific atlantic conference. 

5.  Independent status–  for example NotreDame cant be a conference champion, but if all else is on even ground NotreDame might get in over a team that did not win its conference if they have a strong strength of record


Right now Washington still only stands with a nine percent chance of reaching the playoff and now Auburn sports a 21.6 percent chance to reach the CFB playoff. Fun fact, the Clemson Tigers sport the highest percentage with a 95.8 percent chance to make the college football playoff. (credit 24/7