Leadership with confidence. Service with pride — Your Student Body President

Travon Grant , Staff Reporter

As the school year begins, Sword & Shield brings light to some of the things that are sometimes overlooked, including Student Council. As we a start, we introduce to you our Student Body President, senior Ramey Jenkins, a four-year Student Council member. A former Freshman and Sophomore President and Executive Secretary, Jenkins now serves as Student Body President. Jenkins plans all Student Council Meetings, attends most school meetings with teachers andĀ administration, is put on committees and is ultimately there to help StuCo Head Adviser Brook Yarbrough.

With all the things StuC0 does, “knowing that I am helping the high school be a better place and being a servant” are some of the things she found to be her favorites. Having many goals for this school year, Jenkins hopes to have Student Council better represent the school with being more outgoing and communicating better with the student body. With this being her last year, Jenkins feels the legacy she wants to leave for future StuCo members to be that “even though Student Council can be hard and take a lot of work, it is totally worth it because anything helping the school is good.”