Travel Volleyball


Vivian Macatiag

Sophomore Brielle Macatiag and her teammates capture their memories of the night they played and were announced Crosstown Showdown champions.

Cassie Lahn, Opinion Editor

As the girls pack up their knee pads and volleyball shoes and say farewell to the court at school at the end of the season, another court awaits them.

Travel volleyball is a 3- to 4-month volleyball event in the winter where teams travel to different states to play in tournaments at which there are college coaches who are looking to recruit new players for their upcoming seasons. Travel teams have coaches who teach players one on one to help their skills improve.

The tournaments usually last two days. During these two days, the players compete with other teams. Travel ball is not just all fun and games, and it is not just a vacation; the players practice twice as hard to win their medals and other prizes.

“I like winning t-shirts. It means you’re champions.Travel ball is basically a better version of high school volleyball,” sophomore volleyball player Brielle Macatiag said.

There are many sports other than volleyball that offer travel ball opportunities. One of those is basketball. Coach Joshua Dawkins has players who play both school basketball and travel basketball.  He sees both positives and negatives to playing outside of the high school season.

“Summer travel basketball can benefit or hurt the school program. It can hurt the program because players are not getting the proper instruction to grow as basketball players. It can benefit them when the travel ball program is run correctly,” he said.

Even if the skills and strategies players learn on travel ball teams are different from the ones their high school coaches would teach, they still get their heads in the game and try to win no matter what court they are on.