Go Center provides assistance with testing, college, career

Adrian Tapia, Staff Reporter


At LDHS, every teacher is dedicated to seeing every student succeed every day. One major way that LDHS helps senior students get into the colleges of their dreams is through the GO Center, an area of the high school dedicated to that purpose. The GO Center started two years ago, and since that point many seniors have found solace and guidance through the wise words of Career Development Facilitators Darnell Suber and Amanda Turner.


The purpose of the GO Center is to “provide career and college awareness, exploration and preparation opportunities,” according to Suber. Students can come in at any time to see Suber and Turner for assistance or any questions they might have. Students should take advantage of this opportunity to help them better prepare for their futures.


Suber says students who are concerned about testing can come to the GO Center for assistance with SAT and ACT registration. Suber and Turner can help students register for both SAT and ACT and can address any concerns or questions they have. Students do not need to set up an appointment, so they are welcome to come in at any time.