Band goes beyond limits


Holly Thomason

The clarinetists are looking better than ever.

Ximena Amaro-Flores , Staff Reporter

Excitement, adrenaline and enthusiasm. These are the feelings a Raider Band marcher  experiences before a Saturday competition. They are set and ready to show the crowd and the judges who they really are. The warm sweat running down their foreheads and cheeks reminds them of all the hard work they put in during the summer. Finally, when the announcer asks the drum major if the band is ready, the musicians know they are ready to set the field on fire.

This year, the Raider Band will performer at the 2018 Bands of America Alabama Regional Championship. Bands from Florida to Tennessee will participate in a musical performance to be in the top three bands in the region. With this goal on the band’s mind comes expectations and hard work.

“ I expect us to do the best we can do no matter what the outcome is; it’s all about being with a family and making new memories,” junior Victoria Benavidez says.

The competition will take place Oct. 6 2018 in Jacksonville, Alabama. It will be a three day trip filled with fun, memories and lots of stress. Many band students feel excited, or even scared, to compete against high leveled bands.   

“It’s kinda scary but at the same time it doesn’t matter because we don’t care if we win or lose; we just want to have fun.” Freshman Henley Armon said.

LDHS Band Director Andy Entrekin is eager as it will be the first time the  band will go to B.O.A.

In order to impress the judges and the crowd, the band has to perform a show beyond the limits. But then again, there are no limits. The performance for this year will be an Aztec, Central American themed show. Trampolines and loud drums will also be involved.

“I look forward to going out on the field and performing in a stadium like B.O.A, to feel all the joy of performing in front of a lot of people.” Freshman Jessica Avila said.

According to sophomore Christian Ashley, the band has come this far. Because of amazing teachers who enjoy teaching the students every second of the day. They will be a part of an amazing experience that will forever be a memory to be treasured.