Brielle Macatiag, Review Editor

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is an extracurricular activity for anyone who would like to join. Business teacher Angie Dover advises FBLA, junior president is Peyton Crowder, and the treasurer is sophomore Lleyton Abell. Usually, the group meets up during iLunch whenever Dover tells the participants to go to her room for lunch.

At meetings, students learn about their sections, and they discuss where they are traveling for their competitions throughout the year. LDHS FBLA members are among the 250,000 participants worldwide.

FBLA is not just about business; students can pick whatever skill they would like to focus on to help themselves in the future, but they also have to be in a business class to participate in FBLA.  One opportunity that FBLA offers is the chance to go to state competitions to win scholarships. The students study the topic that they would like to compete for, everything from handling a business to making slideshows about worldly problems. They mostly study by themselves once they pick which topic to explore so they are ready for their competition.

During their competitions, the participants travel to different regions of the state, and they stay at hotels. In January, FBLA members stayed at a Charleston Hampton Inn for three days to participate in their State Competition, the biggest event for the year.

If students place the highest in their competitions, they win scholarships. There are all kinds of different competitions that they can enter. For example, Abell competed in Business Finance where he was given 100 scantron questions about basic math. Abell landed in the top five, which means that he will receive a scholarship. According to Dover, participation in competitions for FBLA can really help with college applications.

Since the competition is not all about business, another event was when Crowder had to give a speech about current problems in the world and all the touchy subjects that most people would not want to discuss.

“FBLA definitely gives you the leadership skills and the business skills that you need to be successful in life,” Crowder said.

FBLA is just another piece of the puzzle that can help students build their ways up to college.