Graphic Design students have real-world teaching experience


Enijah Bailey

Freshman Enijah Bailey created this image in graphic design class.

Katelin Reynolds, Staff Reporter

Students in graphic design teacher William Buie’s classes are working on their last project of the year, which is “Students Are the Teachers.”

Students get to design some type of picture that everyone in the class has to make, and the student who is in charge or is the “teacher” has to walk around the class and help anyone who needs it and makes sure he or she is doing what the student teacher assigned.  The student teachers also get to give the other students grades at the end when they are finished. This gives the students a look at real life.

“One or two students are teachers. They will give a presentation on the project they want the class to do, and the class will have certain requirements for doing the project and a certain amount of days to complete it. When it is turn-in day the ‘teachers’ will rate them 1-10. The number they give them is the grade they get. For example, if they get an eight, their grade is an 80,”  freshman Enijah Bailey said.

Buie sees many benefits in this project.

“This gives the students an opportunity to learn how to be a teacher and how to see what the real world is like,” he said.

The project  also gives them a look at how to design things online.  

“I wanted them to be shook at what I gave them to do, so I gave them something I did not want to do,”  sophomore C.J. Austin said. Austin’s assignment was for the students to remake a character of their choice.

The assignments are giving students a real outlook on life and what it is like to be teachers.