The face at the door

School receptionist Angi Howell is the smiling face of LDHS.

Brenda Bennett

School receptionist Angi Howell is the smiling face of LDHS.

Brenda Bennett , Staff Reporter

When people go in the front door of LDHS, they are always greeted by a smiling face and a warm welcome. Who is the woman behind this spectacular attitude? The one and only Angi Howell.

It is always good to meet people who work in our school system. One of the first people LDHS students and visitors meet is Howell, the LDHS receptionist. Howell  knows and cares for each individual student who comes her way. In her years at LDHS, she really has impacted people.

Howell was a custodian here for 12 years, but about seven weeks ago she transferred to the front office. She might be a new face to some, but to others, she is like a second mom. Howell sees students as her kids, too.

“Don’t mess with my youngins — my two or my other 1600 here at school,” she said.

Born in Delaware and raised a Clinton Red Devil, Howell swapped teams and became one of our happiest Raiders. Before working for the school system, she worked at Torrington (a former ball bearing plant located in Clinton) but came to find really soon that she did not like it because of the night shifts. However, she still does not consider herself a morning person.

“I wake up extremely early, like 5 a.m.,  but I’m not motivated until about 8 a.m.,” she said.

With two kids in two totally different age ranges (Josh is 31; Amber is 15), Howell finds herself balancing their activities. Her daughter attends LDHS, and Howell likes working in the school Amber attends.

“I love it. It is very exciting. I’ve waited the whole 12 years for her to get here. She doesn’t seem to mind it, I guess because I was already here,” Howell said.

Amber says she likes her mom working at the school but “she knows too many people.”

For fun, Howell finds herself canning jams and going to the Laurens Speedway to support her husband, Danny Howell, number 55. Danny Howell is Angi Howell’s best friend’s brother, so she married into her best friend’s family.

Howell says that her special talent is to talk.

“I talk a lot. I don’t know if it is a special or hidden talent; it is definitely not hidden. I like to talk a lot; I don’t care if it is to 2 or 200,” she said.  

All of the stories she tells, all of the talking Howell does, changes lives. Howell influenced one student into coming out of her shell and becoming a teacher.

“When she came in as a freshman, she was very quiet, didn’t talk to anybody, so I talked to her. Every year she would talk a little bit more. For her senior year, she had a [Teacher Cadet]  dinner to go to, and she could pick one person who influenced her; she picked me,” she said. Howell added that the student now teaches violin, and the two stay in touch.

Before transferring to the office, Howell spent about five years working with  custodian Ann Williams. Williams considers Howell to be more than a friend.

“She’s more like a sister to me. She’s always nice and willing to help,” Williams said. “It is  strange not to work with her anymore.”

Howell inspired her daughter, Amber, with the quote, “Never give up on what you love,” and Howell is inspired by “Just keep swimming.”

Howell is someone who puts out good vibes and who thinks of other people with every action and every word. She has a watchful eye and is a peaceful person. She is a wonderful person for people to meet when they walk through the door.