Building construction classes score big with cornhole boards


Joseph Adams

The building construction students created these cornhole sets, and they are selling them for $75.

Briajah Anderson, Selling Corn Hole

 For a few weeks the building construction class has been making cornhole sets, and students are now selling them.

 Building construction teacher Joseph Adams is responsible for creating cornhole sets with the kids.

 “The kids make the cornholes in the Tech Building and Tech Building only because we have so many materials, and they can be very dangerous for other classes,” he said.

  The students say that building cornhole boards is a fun project to work on, and it taught them a lot about measurement and framing.

 “We measure the wood correctly. We cut it. Then we screw the wood together and also paint once it’s all sorted out. I really love building things and cutting. Everyone would be drawn into it like I was,” sophomore Amajai Hill said.

  “It all starts with a blueprint, and it works its way up to the actual build. And we did the final touches with paint and design,” Adams said.

 The kids are currently selling the cornhole boards for $75, but they are not taking orders due to the end of the year’s approaching, according to Adams.