Principal works behind the scenes to keep LDHS running smoothly



LDHS Principal Chris Moore has an open door policy. Literally. When Moore is in his office and is available to talk to students, faculty and staff, his door is open. Wide.

Sometimes, however, that door is closed.  On those occasions when the principal’s office door is shut, Moore is often inside, taking a minute to answer the hundreds of emails he receives each week or meeting privately with a student or teacher.  Other times, though, Moore’s door is closed because he is out of the office doing things that might surprise people.

Sword & Shield was in the right places at the right times to catch Moore in the act of helping LDHS in significant, and possibly surprising ways.

On Prom night, long after the last students had gone home, Moore helped teachers Amy George, Erin Hahn and Brooke Yarbrough clear drinks and food from the tables before heading home.

When lights in the Lecture Theatre needed to be replaced, Moore installed them himself May 9 during 3rd period, insuring that the stage would be well lit for spring performances.

Moore’s willingness to help LDHS in every area, from administrative tasks to basic manual labor, is evident. The next time he is in his office and the door is open, take the opportunity to tell him “thank you” for embodying Raider spirit.