Letters To The Editor

Angelina Pascual, Reporter



Dear Editor,


Considering the reputation of LDHS inside of other social circles and in other establishments of learning, there is obviously much that needs work and improvement. One major thing in my meek and small opinion that needs immediate help is the situation in the bathrooms of the school, a crisis to all who are concerned. On several of the stalls in the school, locks do not work and privacy is therefore not respected leading to some students feeling safer simply not using the restroom facilities. Also, the T-building bathrooms seem to be stuck 30 years in the past and constantly carry an aroma of stale urine that needs to change. Some of the bathrooms do not carry functioning mirrors and others have mirrors that are too dirty for you to see yourself in and while this may not be a severe problem, when you are trying to look acceptable for a drama performance the issue is glaringly obvious and is reflected back several fold, causing problems with appearance and looking good that must be a daily struggle for the more image-conscious among us. The faucet situation and lack of tap uniformity sounds like a simple fix and, in fact, was one of the things that did get fixed when the bathrooms were improved two summers ago, however, now some faucets require constant pressure to operate (making it impossible to wash both hands simultaneously and thoroughly) and others only spray for a very short amount of time causing difficulties either way in one form or another. Not having doors on some stalls is a small issue that occurs, not having bathrooms that smell acceptable is a larger one yet both are things that simply should not occur in a high-functioning establishment like LDHS. Finally, an issue that seems like it would have to be fixed quickly by anyone who has the ability is the fact that both the ceilings of the bathrooms and some of the toilets in the bathrooms have been broken and stayed that way for weeks, sometimes months, with nobody attempting to fix them. These things may all seem rather trivial and very simple to fix, so they should be fixed it is as simple as that. Yet until they do, things at LDHS can never truly be great.


Lleyton Abell